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Warranty Statement

MISTERGOODAC will back up 100% of all warranties as to parts which are offered by the manufacturer. Most air conditioning contractors are authorized by these manufacturers to service these units and obtain free of charge replacement parts for the term of your warranties. Accordingly, make sure you review and are familiar with the terms, language, and/or requirements for any applicable manufacturer's warranty.

If any product purchased from should result in failure upon installation or not operate after installation, we are only responsible for supplying the parts warranted by the manufacturer. Under no circumstances will R410A refrigerant be covered or reimbursed if refrigerant needs to be re-added to the system, whether it is missing from the unit when it arrives to the customer's location or after a part is replaced. Under no circumstances will MISTERGOODAC replace a whole system or component. MISTERGOODAC does not provide any warranty above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty as to parts. MISTERGOODAC is not liable for any warranties, or costs and/or expenses incurred by the consumer due to a malfunction of any part(s), for any product sold on our site. MISTERGOODAC does not provide labor warranties or compensation of any kind for any costs incurred by the consumer due to malfunction of any part(s) for any products sold on our site.

Please note that all products purchased through MISTERGOODAC (electrical, ventilation, cooling, or heating) are to be installed only by fully licensed and registered installers. MISTERGOODAC will not be responsible for any damage in case this condition is not met.

The products sold on our site are intended by the manufacturers to be installed by professional heating and air conditioning contractors. They are available to you on this site as a means of saving a substantial amount of money. Having these systems installed by a licensed contractor is more costly, but it has its advantages - professional installation, labor warranty may be provided by the contractor, the validation of your manufacturer's warranty, and potentially someone to process warranty claims for you.